Managing Employee Benefits in a Digital Age

In the past few years, we have migrated endless information into the digital sphere. Employee benefits being one of them. Amongst the types of employee benefits, medical coverage is unquestionably one of the most important ones. Hence, it is equally important to manage your employee’s medical benefits in an organised manner.


Here are the advantages of managing your employee’s benefits digitally:

  1. Little to zero paperwork!

A digital system automates and digitalises all paper documents and stores them in a secured online platform. Thus, creating a paperless environment where you won’t need to make and manage physical copies. And so, a lot less clutter in the office for you and your employees. So, you can look forward to working in a clutter-free environment.

  1. Document search will be quick and efficient

As a result of digitalisation and digital storage, you can quickly access documents from the online platform at any time. Thus, eliminating the time-consuming challenge of scavenging for the right form at the right time. So, you can forget the days when everybody is rummaging through paper files and documents.

  1. Improve your HR team’s efficiency

With the digital system managing your employee benefits, it will help save your HR team’s time and efforts. Moreover, allowing them to focus on tasks which contributes to the company’s larger goal instead of administrative and clerical tasks. As a result, this improves your HR team’s efficiency and overall work experience.

  1. It is cost-effective

Since the digital system has digitalised everything, you can save-up on the physical storage space, furniture, and paper you used. Hence, it is environment-friendly too.

  1. Remote employee management made hassle-free

Managing employee benefits remotely is more important than ever with the current pandemic. And so, with the digital system, not only is remote management entirely possible but stress-free as well.

  1. Employees have more access and control

The digital system has a self-service feature where employees log in and can independently perform selected activities. Therefore, your employees can check the details of their entitlement benefits anytime and anywhere. Furthermore, they can conveniently contact customer service through the digital system’s live chat in any case of emergency or enquiry. These features allow your employees to take control and independently solve problems. At the same time, saving time on completing simple errands and request.

With Medilink’s Third-Party Administration (TPA) service, we can help facilitate your corporation’s healthcare benefits, including your employee benefit’s medical insurance. Moreover, Medilink facilitates medical claim submissions through its’ back-end office database, which contains benefits coverage and claims data.

Lastly, with digital TPA, your employees won’t need a physical card. Your employees will have a virtual card and QR code for easy access and portability. Furthermore, with the Health Wallet Status feature, they can check their benefits, limits, and more.

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