Digitising the Letter of Guarantee (LOG) Process

A Letter of Guarantee (LOG) grants you immediate access to healthcare with the confirmation that your insurer or employer will cover the cost of treatment. Ideally, patients could walk into a hospital without cash and merely wave their medical cards to receive medical attention, but the world doesn’t work that way.

Cashless Admission Process at Panel Hospitals

To be admitted into a panel hospital, patients must present their medical card alongside their NRIC or passport. The hospital staff will authenticate the details with the patient’s respective insurer or TPA, who will then issue a GL allowing admission without upfront bills.

Typically, the process of issuing a guarantee letter can take up to six hours. Patients have the liberty to pay upfront first and make a medical claim after discharge, but why prolong this banal procedure for all parties involved?

Making a Medical Claim

The traditional process goes like this:

  1. A patient prepares all the relevant documents depending on their insurance provider or employer and policy.
  2. They must contact their provider to obtain the claim forms while the doctor fills in a Medical Examiner’s Statement detailing the diagnosis and subsequent treatment.
  3. Once everything is in order, the patient submits it to the agent and waits for the claim to be approved.
  4. They can check their claim status by contacting the insurer’s customer service line or by email.

Although it seems straightforward enough, dealing with all that paperwork is an unquestionable hassle. Moreover, patients generally need to submit their claim within 30 days of treatment. If they miss this window, the coverage will most likely be unsuccessful.

Digitalising GL Request & Issuance

Awaiting the delivery of guarantee letters by snail mail is, well, precisely how it sounds. Thankfully, we exist in a remarkable age that is ever-forward.

Medilink-Global has seen 20 years in the TPA industry and is now fluent in digitalising healthcare claims processing and data management. With the new customised system, known as Electronic Claims Clearing System (ECCS), clinic or hospital staff can easily track claim status, manual claim submissions and member status in real-time.

Members can register via the mobile app or web portal to verify their eligibility and speed up the claims administration process. Any GL status changes will trigger a system notification through email or app, reducing operational risks and cutting corners. Once it is approved, hospital staff can proceed with printing.

The corporate companies will also receive an email notification in the event of admission or when a member’s utilisation exceeds 90% of the annual limit. This platform comprises comprehensive front-end applications as well, such as payor portals, provider portals, et cetera.

All in all, Medilink-Global’s digital TPA enhances member experience through efficient execution for everyone. Customers may even submit I-Claims without stepping foot in an insurance branch, whereby corporations can choose full or partial authorisation.

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