Cross Border Healthcare (CBH)

Among today's health conscious society, seeking healthcare treatment in a foreign country should be made as easy as seeking treatment in own country. Medilink-Global thus offers cross border healthcare solutions to all eligible members via its strategic tie-ups with leading healthcare providers in South East Asia, China and from as far as in the USA.

The logistics and complexity involved in traveling from one country to another in seeking medical treatment is easy.

How Does It Work?

Medilink-Global has special arrangements with selected healthcare providers not only in providing advice and also in facilitating and arranging for specialized medical treatment (secondary or tertiary care) at reputable medical institutions.

In short, Medilink-Global will act as a one stop co-ordinator and facilitator for the Member in seeking advice on a particular specialized medical treatment.

The actual expenses incurred when seeking medical services at these selected medical shall be the sole responsibility of the member.

  • Identifying reputable healthcare providers
  • Arrangement for specialized medical treatment
  • Gathering feedback from Medical Doctors


  • Convenient access to MEDILINK's pre-established medical network specializing in secondary and tertiary care medical treatment.
  • Obtaining broader information is just a call away.
  • Hassle free pre-planned treatment arrangements.